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19 April 2023

NeverStill, Oregon

The engine replacement has been delayed.  We have been told it should arrive by Friday afternoon. We will not be operating the Magic Meat Truck this weekend, and it is a long shot even for the following weekend.  We have been enjoying packing orders and shipping to you all.  Please continue to place orders through our online store.  Orders received Monday through Thursday will be shipped for overnight delivery the next day.  Orders placed Friday through Sunday will be shipped Monday for Tuesday delivery.

As a reminder here are more shipping details and specials we are currently running:

Shipping specials

With new, compact shipping materials at hand, we are now promoting our shipping program with the following specials:

  • All orders over $100 to WA and OR qualify for free shipping.

  • Modest shipping charge of $15 for orders under $100

  • Shipping to states outside of WA and OR will be billed for overnight air charges, roughly $50

  • For all orders over $200, receive the following bonus gift item of your choice:

    • one pound ground beef

    • half pound triple créme cheese

    • one pound farmer’s breakfast sausage

(Leave a note at checkout indicating which of the free items you prefer)

Order Here

—xoxo, George, Rose and “Farmily”

Pork Loin

Rose’s boneless pork loin roast, seasoned with rosemary, thyme, black pepper and sea salt is the featured product of the week!


Vacherousse and salami ready to ship to your door

duck breasts

The duck breasts are so tasty right now!  Deep, rich, fatty flavor from green pastures!

Roulades de canards

Roulade de Canard.  Our family favorite.

duck pate

Rose’s glorious duck liver pâté.

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Magic Meat Truck Popup Schedule is temporarily on hold while we await an engine replacement.  Our normal schedule is as follows:





If you have trouble finding us, text George @ 20 64 27 33 96

George & Rose

The Magic Meat Truck